Our company, “Gozukara Tricot”, was established in 1975, manufacturing and selling children's clothing in Istanbul at our retail store and wholesale across the country.  In the early 2000s, we also started exporting our products under the brand name “Gepetto” to over 20 countries worldwide.  We export predominantly to North Africa and the Middle East as well as the Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

   “Gepetto Kids” strives to achieve excellence in manufacturing using the latest technology, the finest raw materials and labor in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and trust among our customers.Our goal is to provide the best to our children who are the future of tomorrow.

                                                                         Integrity in manufacturing and representing our country with pride in the international market                                                                                           and providing job opportunities domestically is of utmost importance.

Gepetto Kids by Gözükara Tekstil